Plan your Dream Wedding In Devigarh Palace

The most exotic wedding venue-Devigarh

The history of Devi Garh modestly began in 1527 when Sajja Singh, Rana Sangha of Mewar and his brothers rebelled against Emperor Barbor, who was attempting to conquer most of North India. In recognition for their loyalty, the principality of Delwara was gifted and construction of the Delwara Palace (as it was formerly known) began in 1576.

The romance of Devi Garh can be traced to the 1700s when the first wedding took place. Major renovations were undertaken in 1760 to prepare for a royal nuptial ceremony that was held on the premises.
In 1980, the current owners were driving through Rajasthan when their saw Delwara Palace. They fell in love with the structure and acquired the property in spite of its severely dilapidated condition.
It took almost 3 years to clear millions of bats and bees that were living amongst the ruins and in 1994 renovations officially began. Historians of the Mewar regions were actively involved to ensure that there was no compromise on the structure and galore of the Palace. Following an inspiring vision to recreate the luster of India’s history without sacrificing modern comforts, the exterior of the property remains untouched, but the interior spaces were transformed.

The hotel was named Devi Garh and opened its doors to the public with the millennium bang on 31st December 1999. It is the epitome of history, romance and serenity, making it perfect for our wedding!

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Posted On August 14th, 2012
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