Do’s and Don’ts for Your Pre Wedding Shoot!

Every couple wants the perfect pre wedding shoot- but not all of us are able to do it! We asked some of the leading wedding photographers in the country for their thoughts on the Do’s and Don’ts of a pre wedding shoot… keep these in mind and you’re gonna be pretty sorted!

The Do’s of a Pre Wedding Shoot

Carry a pair of flats

  • Pre Weds involve tons of walking around. Brides – wear flats for all that walking. For posing, get your heels out separately.

Ask the Photographer to do a recce

  • He also mentions to ask the photographer if he is aware about the locations and if he is going to do a recce. A good photographer will always want to do a recce before a shoot.

Wear your smile

  • “Might sound clichéd, but the best thing you can wear your beautiful smile. Be yourself and be confident. It’s the recipe for an amazing shoot. Also, enjoy the shoot – you won’t just get photos, you’ll get an experience and it will be worth remembering this special day always.”

Wear something that moves with the wind

  • Something that flutters, moves around is great for creating that extra drama in photographs. Be comfortable, but Frozen Apple Events recommends you wear something that can catch a bit of movement.

Have some fun with each other

  • “Have fun! According to me, this is a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other, and for you to have a lot of fun laughing, relaxing and spending time hugging your other half, while creating some stunning photographs that you will want to put all over your wall. So enjoy it! The only thing we expect to make good photographs is for the couple to have fun, leave all other worries to us.

Spend some time getting to know your photographer before hand

  • A pre wedding shoot is the first step of comfort for a beautiful wedding coming ahead. So the couple should think of the session as the first step towards a lasting friendship with the photographer, it’ll make both the couple, and the photographer pally and comfortable with each other.

Solid colors work great

  • Busy colors and prints can sometimes detract from a photograph, but a clean, solid color can make for some seriously striking imagery.

The Don’ts of a Pre Wedding Shoot

Don’t have too many costume changes

  • “Don’t” – too many changes in a day most likely always ruin a shoot. The amount of time taken to change clothes and putting on makeup almost always eats up in to the time allocated for the pics!

Don’t just look for beautiful pics without paying attention details

  • “Don’t just look for beautiful pics. That’s easy for us professional photographers. Instead, ask us to create something you can relate to! You are spent so much time, effort and money in us not just for beautiful pictures, you are investing in us to create nostalgic moments. Also, don’t rush into a shoot without preparation. Small details matter. Spend time with us preparing for a shoot.”

Don’t carry your phones in your pockets

  • “Please do not carry bulky items in your trouser pockets! It’s not fun to Photoshop an iphone bulging out of your jeans in every photograph, and nor does it look flattering for anyone ;)”

Don’t focus on posing

  • Don’t focus on posing. Just be yourself, and think of the years of pleasure, and fun in the years ahead. And most important of all, have trust on your photographer to capture the beautiful, fun moments!”
Posted On February 10th, 2017
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