Ideas to Host an Amazing Bachelor Party

Weddings are a reason to have fun, to frolic and forget all about the regular stress while rejoicing with the couple to be married. An Indian wedding is mostly a week long affair! From Mehendi and Sangeet to the final wedding day, it involves various activities. Each wedding is a fun-filled affair, and more so when it’s your childhood friend WHO is getting hitched. However, with all the happiness and excitement surrounding the coming slew of events, there’s definitely a twang of unhappiness in the deep corners of one’s heart! No more frolicking around and randomly timed meetings! No more crazy acts and letting lose! Moreover, if your best friend is moving away, definitely no more hanging out on a daily routine! From this one major step in one’s life, everything starts hurtling in a 360-degree direction.

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So wouldn’t you want one final night of crazy fun with your best friend? One night of all the crazy frolicking, the fun-filled activities and mad drinking and dancing! Well, what better way to have that fun than organizing a bachelor party for your favourite buddy? A bachelor party is simply the night of crazy dancing and letting loose you want, before getting hitched to a life of commitment and responsibilities. It’s also often referred to as ‘Stag Party’ or ‘Stag Night’ to celebrate his last night of freedom! The party is usually organized by the most effective man just in case of Catholic weddings and is usually restricted to men as it is a men’s night to have fun and indulge in activities that won’t be appreciated after marriage.

It’s the night when the groom gets to party hard, without any worries and responsibilities that one gets engaged once they cross the threshold of marriage. Lately, this trend of celebrating a stag party has come to India too. The groom’s friends or cousins arrange a bachelor party in which all his male colleagues and friends, and also the male members of the family are invited. It’s a night of crazy games, drinking, and dancing. If you’re planning to hold a bachelor party and are completely clueless as to how to do it, then fret not, we have listed the ideas to help you organize a smashing party for your buddy! Simply go through the ideas listed here and voila! You have an incredible party arranged!


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1. Talk with the Groom:
Every guy doesn’t have the similar meaning of fun. While some guy like to party hard and drink up till the crack of dawn, some prefer to be sober and indulge in some kind of sports or read up or indulge into phantasy. Before you make plans, you need to be aware of your friend’s choices. Sit down, have a talk and then decide as to what you really want to do for the bachelor party. Also, don’t assume things. If you planned on something and if your friend doesn’t like it, it’ll all end up being a waste of your efforts.

2. Set a Date:
Before you plan a bachelor party, you should be aware of the dates available. If the marriage is a rush affair, then you wish to arrange your party meticulously to avoid any wastage of time. If the wedding is a stretched affair, then you can stretch the bachelor party over the entire weekend. Go through the complete wedding schedule before finalizing a weekend or daily for the party so there are no clashes with the main schedule.

3.Finalise a location:
Before selecting a venue, go through the list of services available at the location. If you plan to indulge in drinking and smoking, ensure the venue has appropriate arrangements. In case you have booked the venue, and there are restrictions on these things, it’ll be an entire mood spoiler. So in order to avoid any last minute glitches, ensure you have already double checked your needs with the venue admin.
4. Budget expenses:
Since it’s usually the best man who organizes the bachelor party, the expenses fall on him. But this is not necessary in every case. If you have a closely knit group of friends, you could always split the expenses in the group. One friend could handle the venue charges; one could handle the food arrangements, and another friend could handle the entertainment department. Calculate your estimated expenses and then set up a proper budget

5. Set a theme:
Selecting a theme always makes the party much more entertaining. Be it a 90s retro themed party or a Hawaiian themed beach party, or if your best friend is a geek, then a Star Wars themed party or the most recent trend, a Game of Thrones-themed party, a theme will make the party much more interesting!

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6. Create a guest list:
A bachelor party is supposed to be a night of crazy fun for the groom and his entire boy clan. So, in this case, the guest list is completely restricted to the closest friends and colleagues of the mail. You can discuss with the groom and make a small guest list of all his favourite people in the world.

7. Plan out the activities:
If the groom is an adventure sports junkie, you can organize the party at some sports themed park or a football game night. Alternatively, you can even organize for some crazy games for men at the party to make the night more fun and entertaining!
8. Plan a Surprise:
Since it’s an enormous day for your best friend, the poor guy would obviously be harrowed with nervousness and worried about how his life goes to change after this day. The least thing you can do is surprise him and make him happy! You could plan a surprise video or a surprise act for him, make him laugh, pamper him and make him feel special!

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9. Be responsible:
If you plan to derive pleasure drinking and just in case you’re having the party at a hotel or banquet hall instead of a house, then you should be careful at the end of the night. Organize for chauffeurs to drop the people back at home, to make sure that everybody has safely reached home.

10. Have a memorable night:
The most important aim of the party is to have fun and make some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Stop worrying about the minutest details and let lose to a night of partying and crazy fun! Click crazy photos and perform the signature high-school prom moves! In short, have a fun memorable night.

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Posted On February 18th, 2017
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