Top 10 International Honeymoon Locations

For a totally stress-free relaxing honeymoon, there’s nothing better than staying at a luxurious, all-inclusive resort and spa in a peaceful, beach side tropical destination! We would also recommend that you do a social media detox by simply enjoying your honeymoon with your other half. After all, it is the most special vacation of you.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia – As you reach by airplane, the view says it all. How not to be mesmerized by this stunning palette of sapphire, indigo and turquoise, all mixed together in modern-art abstractions? It’s the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains and a coral reef swirling with colorful fish.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia - Frozen Apple Events

Bali, Indonesia – There’s a reason its nickname is the “Isle of the Gods.” Even before the hit book and movie Eat, Pray, Love, the island had been a magnet for romance seekers for its mist-shrouded temples, beautiful mountain vistas and vivid arts scene.

Bali, Indonesia - Frozen Apple Events

Paris, France – Macaroons, Champagne and the Eiffel Tower, what more do you need to detox? You can browse through the most luxe restaurants and the most appreciated art across the world in this city!

Paris, France - Frozen Apple Events

Harbour Island, Bahamas – This pink sand paradise is ideal for taking a detox honeymoon full with massages, bubble baths and Jacuzzi tubs!

Harbour Island - Frozen Apple Events

Kyoto, Japan – Compared with the frenetic energy of Japan’s capital city Tokyo, Kyoto moves at a languid pace. Relax and reflect at hundreds of shrines and temples or stroll through peaceful traditional gardens.

Kyoto, Japan - Frozen Apple Events

Seychelles – The Seychelles archipelago is the ultimate castaway-island fantasy. Its out-of-this-world beautiful, the archetypal Indian Ocean paradise: palm-fringed beaches shelving gently into a dreamy-turquoise sea that can leave the first pairs of meandering tracks in the powder-white sand.

Seychelles - Frozen Apple Events

Palawan, Philippines – It’s the country’s final frontier—an unspoiled province of jaw-dropping waterscape scenery and tropical beauty.

Palawan, Philippines - Frozen Apple Events

Queenstown, New Zealand – Surrounded by the soaring indigo heights of the Remarkable and framed by the meandering coves of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is perfect for honeymooners.

Byron Bay, Australia – Indulge in surfing, beach –gazing, yoga and scrumptious Australian cuisine at Byron Bay. It’s the ultimate Aussie beach town, seducing all who pass through with an irresistible combination of natural good looks and loving attitude!

Phuket, Thailand – Serenity seekers can immerse themselves in the coastal glamour of Amanpuri, a luxury Phuket retreat that comprises a series of villas scattered among a coconut plantation and overlooking the Andaman sea. With a focus on personalization, guests’ programs cover four themes – cleanse, mental awareness, fitness and weight.

Phuket, Thailand - Frozen Apple Events

Posted On March 16th, 2017
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