Wedding Gift : Think Twice Before Giving!!!

Whether you’re a close friend or a family member or may be a distant relative – coming up with ideas for acceptable gifts for a marriage can be an intimidating experience. You’d want your gift to be something special, something that will be appreciated and which will inform them of you. However not everybody chooses to go down this road. While the giver may think the gift is extremely practical and useful, the receiver may not always be ready to place it to use. Very often couples find themselves stuck with piles of gifts which they either have no use of or don’t understand what to do with them! So here is our list of gifts newlyweds absolutely hate to receive…

Fresh Flowers: Flowers are a universal gift as it can be given for any occasion and is an extremely popular choice for weddings. There are some who assume that flowers are a very thoughtful gift and signify their love and appreciation for being a part of the couple’s big day.

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On the other hand there are some who choose a fresh flower bouquet simply to avoid going empty handed. Not only does this swamp the couple with lovely, exotic and at times over the top bouquets but also is a waste of money as these bouquets are sometimes thrown out the very next day. Instead of cut flower bouquets which will be wasted, it’d be more practical to but potted flower plants which can at least be nurtured and grown in future.

Religious Gifts: Indian weddings are a very religious affair with several beliefs and superstitions connected to it. Hence many people, particularly aged guests assume that giving religious idols, books, photographs or other memorabilia of religious significance will bring good luck and god’s blessing’s to the newly married couple. But what does one do with a room full of Murtis of God’s? It’d be considered inauspicious to dispose them and neither is it practical to keep so many of them. It’d be additional inconsiderate if one of the groom or bride turns out to be an atheist!

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Luck Charms and Figurines: Feng shui items, statues of laughing Buddha, Fuk Luk Lau – 3 kings, Indian elephants and evil eye gifts are extremely popular items for people hoping to bring some good luck to the couple. But unless the receiver either believes in these charms or has some knowledge about them, these gifts are rendered senseless. Centerpieces with birds, dancing couples, horses and other figurines are also quite common gift items which can be avoided unless it’s something very rare and you know it’ll be appreciated.

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Re-gifted items: This is what all couples ultimately land up doing to their unwanted wedding gifts! Most couples wouldn’t mind this if it was something they can really put to use. But using this as a way to get rid of one thing you don’t want is very insensitive and tacky.

Posted On February 25th, 2017
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